Sunday, July 22, 2018

Turtleback Mosaic Base

We recently completed a Turtleback Mosaic base. The heavy bronze casting has a band of green turtleback tiles around the upper portion  that are lit from within, and glass mosaic on the lower half. The finely detailed glass mosaic shifts from blue down to green and the process of hand cutting and fitting the mosaic takes almost two weeks to complete.

The Turtleback Mosaic base can be used with any 22" shade. We are showing the base with a 22" Turtleback Turban shade.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Lamp of the Week: 20" Arrowhead

The 20" Arrowhead shade has a distinctly arts and crafts feel to it. This pattern also has a fairly unique Tiffany Studios approach: while representational, the shade is also stylized and rhythmic in its execution. This strongly colored lamp begins with a sunset orange sky at the top. Delicate white flowers emerge from behind the green leaves which give this plant its common name. The prairie color theme is reinforced by the red, green, and amber tones in the lower quarter of the shade. Commissioned by a Texas client in 2011, the shade is shown on the Decorated Library base.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

18" Peony

We were commissioned by a client in Georgia to create this colorful 18" Peony shade. The flowers for this shade are a lush gold pink - meaning that gold is required to create the fuchsia color in the glass. The flowers are set against a summery blue sky, tinged with pink and green that blends both the leaf and flower colors into the background.
In the above photo, Irwin is selecting flower petal glass during the layout of the shade. Each petal is considered for color, shading and texture. Once the glass selection is complete, each piece is foiled by hand and then the shade is soldered together.

The completed shade was mated with the elegant Library base (23.5" tall).

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Lamp of the Week:

The 16" Wild Rose shade has a wide border of rambling roses in bloom. The upper portion of the shade resembles the paving on a garden path. Created in 2001 for a local client, this shade has warm amber tones mixes with hints of green and pink. The flowers are rendered in delicate shades of pink and rose, with dappled green foliage. The shade is shown on the Ribbed base with Arms.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

14" Geranium

At this time of year, geraniums are the ubiquitous flowers that brighten gardens, porches, and yards. The 14" Geranium is a compact shade that packs the same colorful punch as its potted inspiration, but will brighten a home year round. For this example, the flowers are a cheerful red tinged with white against a warm, sunny background. The multicolored leaves add variety to the shade. The shade is shown on the sturdy Shell Urn base. Both shade and base were created at our studio and this lamp is currently available for purchase from our showroom.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Lamp of the Week: 18" Apple Blossom

The 18" Apple Blossom lamp is one of the four large tree-style Tiffany reproduction lamps we offer at Century Studios. This example was commissioned in 2011 by a client in the Chicago area. The cascading shade features a heavy cast bronze crown at the top and an irregular lower edge. The background glass chosen for this shade consists of opaque and transparent fracture/streamer glass. The shimmering background provides an elegant surface to highlight the springtime blossoms, buds, and young leaves. The shade was designed to be used with the large Tree Trunk base.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

18" Peacock

With their distinctively colorful plumage, Peacocks were often featured in Tiffany Studios windows, mosaics, and lamps. The 18" Peacock is an elaborate shade design consisting of overlapping peacock tail feathers swirling across the surface of the shade. Horizontal border rows provide a visual resting point to the viewer.
To create this shade, Bill chose three different styles of rippled glass in a restrained color pallet.  The finished piece has a sparkling surface with a lot of visual and tactile interest. Deep emerald green tones are masterfully blended with yellows and blues, subtly defining the feathers. Each feather is further defined by its distinctive blue eye. The shade's horizontal border colors play off the tones of the eyes.
Tiffany Studios designed a Peacock base specifically for this shade. The shape of the base swells at the top, Mimicking the bird's feathered breast. The lower portion of the base is decorated with more tail feathers, each of which has a stained glass eye at its center. We made both the shade and base at our studio. This 18" Peacock lamp (29.5" tall) has been created as a showroom piece and is currently on display and is available for purchase in our studio.