Sunday, October 15, 2017

25" Fish Scale

We are pleased to introduce a new pattern to our ever expanding list of Tiffany reproduction lamp designs. The 25" Fish Scale shade is a helmet shaped shade that can be used as a large table lamp, a floor lamp, or an impressive chandelier fixture. As a chandelier fixture, the shade would work equally well hanging from a single chain, or inverted. The shade is shown on the Twisted Vine base at the top of the post.

The color of the shade has a subtle transition from denser green glass at the top into a lighter green/amber mix for the lower two thirds of the lamp. Commissioned by a West Coast client, we created a monumental pottery base for this piece. The 32" tall base sits on a bronze pedestal and has a Grueby-style green curdled glaze. The resulting shade and base make a bold decorating statement. Tiffany Studios often used pottery by the Massachusetts based Grueby Fiaence Pottery for lamp bases.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Lamp of the Week: 16" Black Eyed Susan

The 16" Black Eyed Susan is one of several Tiffany Studios shade designs that features clusters of flowers against a geometric background. Rather than being presented against a naturalistic setting, the flowers are presented in the style of a botanical drawing. The background glass shifts from white at the top down to a lively green, setting off the warm tones of the flowers. Created in 2006, the shade is shown on the Small Stick base. The simple lines of this base make it a perfect mate to most 16" and 18" shades.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

22" Dragonfly

It is always exciting to create a 22" Dragonfly shade. The endless variety of color combinations available for this design make each example fresh. The generously sized shade is studded with pressed glass jewels, which provides additional color accents and sparkle to the finished lamp. The deep blue and green background for this shade was created using Lins glass. The Lins Glass Foundry went out of business in the late 1990's and we recently acquired this glass as part of a small private stash of sheet glass. Commissioned by a California client, the shade is shown on the Perforated base. This base has six lights and can be telescoped to be taller.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Lamp of the Week: 16" Fern

Boldly symmetrical, yet surprisingly organic, the 16" Fern is a most unusual Tiffany Studios lamp pattern. The strong graphic sensibility of the design stays true to the plant it represents while calling to mind Tiffany's Moorish style lighting fixtures that rely on sculpted wire work. This glass chosen for this piece is a subtle variation of two greens. Shown on the Pond Lily - Blown Glass and Bronze base, this lamp was commissioned in 2007 by a Midwest client.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

15" Bell Lotus

The 15" Bell Lotus shade is an unusual Tiffany Studios lamp pattern. The shade is the junior version of the 25" Mandarin Lotus shade, and in both patterns the surface of the shade undulates in an accordion pleat. Applied wire work on the peaks of each pleat and an irregular lower edge accentuates the sculptural feel of this lamp.  The coloration for this shade shifts from spring green down to white. The Ribbed Harp base mimics the profile of the shade. This lamp was commissioned by a California client.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lamp of the Week: 18" Turtleback

Commissioned by a Texas client in 2011, this 18" Turtleback shade has an unusual shape. The  upper portion begins as a low dome that finishes with straight sides on the lower half of the shade. The turtleback tiles in the decorative band are narrow and wide, accentuating the horizontal look of the shade. This shade is made from a rippled glass in yellow green/spring green that has hints of light blue throughout. The rippled surface of the glass faces the interior of the shade, so when unlit the shade appears smooth and comes to life when illuminated. The shade is shown on the Decorated Library base.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Arts & Crafts Show

Visit Century Studios and many other dealers at the 18th Annual Arts & Crafts Show today from 11 - 4. The show is held in the Progress Center at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds.