Sunday, March 24, 2013

Recent Projects

Snow still covers the ground, but Century Studios has Spring in the air! The Studio has been hopping with many projects for clients near and far.

We created a 14" Turtleback lamp for a local client. The deep emerald green turtleback tiles are set against a geometric border of cream & green colored glass that makes a dramatic shift in color from top to bottom. The Leaf & Bud Pottery base is the perfect compliment for this shade. The pottery portion of the base was created to our specifications by Ephraim Faience Pottery and we created the reproduction metalwork.

A brilliantly colored 16" Poppy shade was created for a San Francisco couple. The warm golden background glass sets off lush poppy flowers in jewel tones of red, orange and fuchsia. The shade is shown on the Grooved base.

A local client commissioned a pair of water themed windows for his stairwell. The gently rippling pond is home to fish, frog, dragonfly and flowers. The dragonfly and fish feature filigree overlays.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Three Small Lamps

Small lamps will provide mood lighting and color accents to any room. These petite stained glass lamps brighten the decor without dominating a room.

The 7" Violet shade is a Century Studios' original lamp design by Bill Campbell. This petite lamp has jewel like presence due to its many tiny individual pieces of glass. The beautiful purple flowers are rendered in "gold purple" glasses. The most highly sought after purple and pink glasses are made by adding gold to the batch glass, which results in an intensely beautiful color tone. The shade is shown on a Duffner & Kimberly style base. This lamp is in our showroom and is currently available for purchase.

Also available in our showroom is this 7" Geometric on the Piano Lamp base. The heavily weighted base allows the shade to cantilever over the edge of an upright piano or book case, illuminating the area below.
Gently shading from off white to green, this 10" Geometric shade was commissioned by a West Coast client. The shade is shown on the 3 Armed Ruffle base.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

20" Lily Pad

During the Winter months Tiffany lamps are a glowing reminder of the coming of Spring and the long hot days of Summer. There are several water-themed shade designs that evoke tranquil Summer days. The 20" Lily Pad captures this feel in a unique way.

This is possibly the only Tiffany Studios lamp shade design that is drawn in deep perspective. The lily pads on the shade are large at the bottom and become smaller towards the top. Because of the shallow cone shape, the eye is tricked into viewing this as a shift in perspective rather than in just being smaller pieces. Even though the shade has many individual pieces of glass, the effect of the design is that of being very simple.

We are showing the Lily Pad on the Grooved base.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

16" Snowball Shade

Just completed, this 16" Snowball shade is a tabletop version of the large 24" Snowball lamp. The unusually deep shape of this shade is accentuated by the irregular lower edge representing the cascading blossoms of the snowball bush. We are showing the shade on our new Grooved base. The tall, slender profile of the base is a perfect compliment for this shade.

Snowball shades lend themselves to creatively mixing a variety of glasses. Ring Mottle, Streaky, Fracture/Streamer and Ripple glass all coexist harmoniously in this shade. The upper background glass was cut from an old piece of Schlitz Fracture/Streamer. This light airy glass at the top of the shade sets the tone for the entire lamp. The flower glasses are a mixture of whites and off whites, tempered with green and blush colors, while the leaves provide the deeper greens that give the shade depth.

Below is a short video showing Irwin removing the Snowball shade from the form. This is always an exciting step in the process for us because it is the first time we get to see what the shade looks like when soldered together. After the soldering is complete on the outside of the shade, the form and glass are heated, the wax holding the glass to the form softens and the form is removed from inside the shade.