Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lamp of the Week: 16" Pomegranate

The 16" Pomegranate shade is one of many Tiffany Studios designs which feature a decorative border surrounded by an upper and lower geometric ground. These shade designs can be created in a wide range of colors and work well in any interior. The Snake & Basket base is highly detailed and usually evokes a "love it" or "hate it" reaction, depending on a person's partiality to snakes!


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chain Mail Wall Sconce & 16" Turtleback

Here are two recently completed projects which were commissioned by clients.

The first is a Chain Mail Lantern Wall Sconce. A little smaller than our regular Chain Mail Lantern, our local client ordered a matching pair of wall sconces for use on either side of a fireplace mantle.

The amber 16" Turtleback shade was created for an East Coast client to be used as an inverted ceiling light fixture. The lighter tones of the shade allow for more light to come into the room. We are showing the shade on the highly detailed Cereus base.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Window of the Week: Boreas

Inspired by the 1903 John William Waterhouse painting titled Boreas, we created this window as a showroom piece in early 2012. The piece is now part of a private collection in Iowa. This highly detailed window has several layers of glass and the face and arm are hand painted and kiln fired.

Boreas is the god of the North Wind, and the image shows a girl in flowing draperies buffeted by the wind as she travels through a blustery spring landscape.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

22" Trumpet Vine

The 22" Trumpet Vine shade is a large turban shaped lamp covered in a profusion of blossoms. This piece was commissioned by an overseas client and it is now on its way to their home.

Large floral shades take quite a bit of time and planning to create. Much time was spent picking the glass and composing the layout. The Impressionistic coloration for this shade was achieved by digging deep into our library of glass, looking for just the right pieces to bring the shade to life.

For this shade, we blended glass from many foundries including Schlitz, Lins, Uroborus, Youghiogheny, Wissmach and Chicago Art Glass. The mix of colors, textures and transparency join together to produce a vivid color scheme that celebrates the beauty of art glass.

The completed shade is shown below on the distinctive Root base.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lamp of the Week: 22" Geometric

At Century Studios, we create geometric shades in almost any size and shape. This 22" Geometric shade was commissioned by a local client in 2003. The brickwork pattern of the glass pieces gives the shade visual interest, as does the saturated color of the cherry red glass which deepens in tone towards the top of the shade. The shade is shown on the telescoping Root base.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

20" Jonquil Daffodil & 7" Geometric

Springtime daffodils were Louis Comfort Tiffany's favorite flowers and he had banks of these sunny flowers lining the drive to his Long Island, New York estate. The 20" Jonquil Daffodil shade shows two varieties of daffodil - the large yellow trumpet variety in the upper half shelter the delicate Narcissus with their faces open to the sky. Commissioned by a California client, this richly colored shade is shown on the Root base. This tripod style base has a slide so it can be made taller.

The 7" Geometric w/Jewels is a variation on the standard 7" shades we offer. The three dimensional cast jewels provide an interesting border for this petite shade. Shown as a pendant fixture, this shade can also be used as a small accent lamp.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lamp of the Week: 30" Lotus Blossom Chandelier

Flowering water plants were a favorite design motif for Louis Comfort Tiffany. The serenity of a pond with lily pads and beautifully colored flowers floating on the surface inspired many Tiffany lamps and windows. The 30" Lotus Blossom Chandelier is one of the largest reproduction Tiffany lamps we create at Century Studios. The boldness of the pattern demands careful glass selection, and many of the flowers in this shade were created using glass made by Century Studios. We made this impressive chandelier in 2011 as a showroom piece. It is now in a private local collection.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

14" Dragonfly

The warm amber tones of this 14" Dragonfly shade are accented by the cranberry colored dragonfly wings and multicolored jewels in the background. Commissioned by a West Cost client, this shade is shown on the small Tree Trunk base.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lamp of the Week: 18" Apple Blossom

The 18" Apple Blossom lamp is one of the four large tree-style Tiffany reproduction lamps we offer at Century Studios. This example was commissioned in 2011 by a client in the Chicago area. The cascading shade features a heavy cast bronze crown at the top and an irregular lower edge. The background glass chosen for this shade consists of opaque and transparent fracture/streamer glass. The shimmering background provides an elegant surface to highlight the springtime blossoms, buds, and young leaves. The shade was designed to be used with the large Tree Trunk base.