Sunday, May 31, 2009

14" Geranium Shade

We are, as usual, juggling several projects at once right now. Moving to our new location has put us slightly behind, but we are beginning to catch up with our orders! This week we completed a 14" Geranium shade which was commissioned by a local client.

Tiffany Studios produced geranium shades in two sizes: 14" and 16" (we created the 16" shade shown at the right in 2004). Because Tiffany floral designs are true to life, this popular plant was created in "pot sized" shades. The 14" shade (pictured above left) was mated with the Mushroom base. This base was popular in Tiffany's time and is one of the most sculptural bases created by the studio.

Our clients requested warm, summer tones for the background on the shade and cheerful red flowers. The resulting shade coloration resembles a peaceful garden at the end of a hot summer day. A backdrop of amber sunshine tinged with the red of sunset plays on the dappled green leaves. This coloration works well for both Geranium and Poppy shades.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

16" Daffodil

Daffodils were one of Louis Comfort Tiffany's favorite flowers. There were banks of them on his estate in Long Island, New York, and they appear in countless windows and lamp designs produced at Tiffany Studios. Daffodils can be seen in photos of his home, blooming in pots placed on tables inside several rooms in the house. Mr. Tiffany even took photographs of daffodils which were used as reference material for Clara Driscoll when she was to design a lamp shade.

Tiffany lamp designs always feel true to the flower chosen because Mr. Tiffany insisted that the stained glass representations of flowers should be rendered life size and botanically correct. The size and shape of a lamp might be large or small, but the flowers are always rendered true to life.

Of the several 16" Daffodil lamp designs created by Tiffany Studios, and we just completed one of the most pleasing for a local client. This daffodil design has the naturalistic look of flowers growing in the garden. The foliage grows from the lower rim of the shade in clusters with the stems supporting flowers in full bloom. The foliage shows movement and the gentle rhythm of a breezy spring afternoon. The shade shown above is pictured on the Lion's Paw base, which is a telescoping lamp base.

Because this shade has an open, airy feel, we chose a crystal glass with green fracture/ streamer to keep the piece light. Fracture/ streamer glass is created by scattering paper thin bits of glass confetti and tiny strings of colored glass onto a steel rolling table. When the molten glass is hand rolled over these scattered bits, the shards will embed into the finished glass. This distinctive glass was often used by Tiffany Studios in lamps and windows to create unique background effects. The use of fracture/streamer in this lamp design gives a clean modern feel to the completed lamp.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to Work

During the past week we have been organizing our lower level, and there are still many things to put away. The general plan of where things will fit is beginning to emerge as the boxes disappear. We are still scrambling a bit to find things when we need something specific, but by and large the tools and materials are settling into place.

We were able to get to work last week on a lamp commission for a local client. Bill is shown cutting the leaves for the shade, and Irwin is pictured foiling on one third of the piece.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Limited Edition Dragonfly Vases

This past week, we received our 2009 limited edition dragonfly vases from Ephraim Faience Pottery. This exclusive series of pots is produced for Century Studios once a year by EFP in a signed, numbered edition. There are 50 pieces in this year's edition.

We shipped out vases on Friday, May 1st to clients who pre-ordered the piece,and they should be arriving this week. We still have a few of these exclusive vases available for purchase. We also have a couple Artist's Proof vases (marked E for "experimental") available, one of which has a different glaze color than the edition (shown in the photo above). If you would like to add one of these vases to your Ephraim collection, or just like the dragonfly motif, give us a call or stop by to order a vase.