Saturday, May 29, 2010

16" Geometric Cone

We are pleased to introduce a new shade pattern to our line of reproduction Tiffany lamps. Our latest offering is a 16" Geometric Cone Shade. We also offer this design as a 20" Geometric Cone. Tiffany Studios made many variations on geometric shade patterns. Almost every shape and size of shade was created using geometric tiles of glass.

Most geometric shade designs were created as horizontal bands of small pieces. Occasionally, the pieces were made in a horizontal "brickwork" pattern. The cone shaped shades feature a modified brickwork pattern. This vertically orientated design is more complex than most other geometric patterns, with the size of the pieces changing width vertically as they progress down the shade. The result shade has a sleek, elegant look. In the photo to the left, Irwin is shown fitting the pieces onto the form.

At Tiffany Studios, all of the simpler geometric shades were created at the Long Island glass foundry by the men, while the floral designs were created at the Manhattan location by Clara Driscoll and her "Tiffany Girls".

The amber colored example is pictured on the Flower Petal base and was created for a client in Virginia. The green example was made for our showroom and is currently available for purchase. The green shade is pictured on the Lion's Foot base.

Another recently completed shade currently available in our showroom is a 16" Fish shade. This boldly colored shade works well with either bronze or pottery table bases.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Turtleback Band Base

This week, we are pleased to introduce a new reproduction Tiffany lamp base to our offerings. The Turtleback Band Base is a lamp base that we have been working on for quite some time. The base features a band turtleback tiles which light from within the base. The band can be made using green, amber or red turtlebacks.

To create this parts for this base, it takes the combined efforts of our studio, a glass foundry, metal spinner, bronze foundry, and a machine shop. This multi step process culminates at our studio where we hand cut and fit the glass turtlebacks for the band, do the finish work and patination on the metalwork, then wire and assemble the base. In the photo to the left, Irwin is soldering the turtlebacks for the band into place. The photo below shows the base parts assembled and ready for the final work at our studio.

The Turtleback Band Base works with 16" and 18" leaded shades.

Monday, May 17, 2010

28" Daffodil Shade Part 2

The 28" Daffodil shade is completed and delivered. Upon receiving the shade, the clients commented that, " The colors are perfect. It looks like it has always been in our home."

Because of their size and shape, the 28" cone shaped shades were designed by Tiffany Studios as chandelier fixtures. Clients (then and now) also use these shades on large table bases and as floor lamps. To the right, Irwin is transferring the foiled pieces onto the shade form for soldering. The form is made of fiberglass and is covered with our specially made tacky wax which holds the pieces in place.

This Tiffany Studios pattern has an organic feel, with the plants "growing" from the bottom of the shade. The windswept flowers dance across the surface in rhythm with a gentle breeze which can almost be felt. Even though the pattern is repeated three times to create the shade, the repeats are not easily definable in the finished lamp.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

28" Daffodil Shade Part 1

This year, we have had an exceptionally early Spring in Minnesota. There was actually no snowfall in the month of March, and with our warmer temperatures the flowers are bursting from the ground a month earlier than usual. Springtime always gets us in the mood to create daffodil shades.

We have been laying out a 28" Daffodil shade. This generously proportioned cone was designed by Tiffany Studios to be used as a chandelier fixture, but also works as a very large table lamp or on a Junior Floor Base.

Large floral shades take more time than any other designs we create. Floral shades were originally designed at Tiffany Studios by Clara Driscoll (with input by Louis C. Tiffany). As we were cutting this shade, Bill (pictured above left) was heard to mutter, "the person who designed this lamp was crazy". This can be said of almost every Daffodil shade created by Tiffany Studios because these designs always have a large amount of long, slender stem and leaf pieces crisscrossing the surface of the shade. It is this attention to detail and complexity that has made Tiffany shade designs the gold standard for stained glass lighting.