Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lamp of the Week - 31 Light Lily Ceiling Fixture

The 31 Light Lily Ceiling Fixture is an impressive piece in any setting. Clients have installed these fixtures in living rooms, over conference tables, and even in a large powder room! We also make a 49 Light version of this fixture.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

16" Turtleback & Hours This Week

This 16" Turtleback shade is now available in our showroom. The deep emerald green turtleback border is set into a smokey blue/green background. The shade is shown on the Small Stick base.

Century Studios

will be closing at 2pm
Friday August 23

we will be closed
Saturday August 24

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Window of the Week - Winged Moon

When we moved into our new studio space five years ago, we needed a window for the large transom above our door. After discussing several design possibilities for the 36" square space, we decided upon The Winged Moon.

Inspired by an 1883 needle woven tapestry by Dora Wheeler, The Winged Moon shows a sleeping angel floating peacefully in the sky. The window's border includes stars and pressed glass "moon face" jewels. The beautiful purples are the result of mixing gold into the batch glass and the design takes full advantage of the large swirls of color in the glass. This window can be viewed in our studio.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lamp of the Week: 14" Arrowhead

At first glance, the 14" Arrowhead shade looks like a stylized floral design when in fact it is botanically correct. The distinctive leaves of the Arrowhead plant intermingle with the small white blossoms of this water plant. The shade is shown on the Shell Urn base. This shade was created in 2007 as a showroom piece and is in a private collection.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Windows Windows Windows

This summer has been chock full of window projects large and small. A local client commissioned a set of three piano windows featuring a water/pond theme. The windows depict blooming iris on the bank, lotus in full flower floating on the surface of the pond, and fish swimming merrily under the surface of the water. The windows can be installed in any order from left to right.

Bill has spent a much time during the last few weeks getting drawings ready for upcoming window projects. Bill always draws our designs by hand full size. The drawings are colored in to give a general impression of the types of colors we can use in the pieces. Some of the window drawings (cartoons) for upcoming projects are shown above.

Once the cartoons are approved, we begin production by numbering each piece within a pattern. This provides us with a quick reminder that helps us remember where each individual piece fits into the design throughout the process of making the window. After numbering the cartoon, a production copy of the cartoon is created which will be cut up to use for glass selection. The original hand colored cartoon remains intact as the master plan for the piece.