Sunday, January 29, 2012

More New Showroom Lamps

In our previous posting, we showed the 12" Dogwood and mentioned that we had completed two other lamps since the first of the year. All three shades were cut and fit during the holiday season, completed this past month, and are now available for purchase in our showroom.

Despite its small size, the 14" Geranium packs a color punch. Blue, green, red, amber, yellow and orange all blend together in lively harmony. The shade is shown on the Mushroom base. Standing 16" tall, this compact lamp would be a wonderful color accent on a side table, desk, or as a bedside lamp.

By contrast, the generously sized 20" Acorn shade could be used on as a floor lamp, chandelier, or table lamp. This shade is deeper than the other 20" shades, giving the piece the presence of a larger lamp. The shade is shown on the highly detailed Decorated Library base.

Composed in a butter yellow glass with orange undertones, the gently mottled background color has a warm, welcoming look. The acorns are rendered in a more transparent, orange/amber glass that compliments the background color.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

12" Dogwood

Since the first of the year, we have been working to complete three lamps for the showroom that were underway during the Holiday Season.

The first is a 12" Dogwood shade on a very unusual Lundberg Studios blown glass base. This base is much taller than standard Lundberg bases and is one of a pair we have had tucked away for a few years. The color palette for the shade was conceived by Bill to be something a little different for the showroom. The deeply colored confetti glass in the background was made in our studio, and compliments the lavenders and rich tones of the flowers. This lamp is currently available for purchase from our showroom.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Boreas Window

While Irwin has been working on lamp orders, Bill has been busy creating a new showpiece for the studio. Inspired by the 1903 John William Waterhouse painting titled Boreas, this window will be a multi-layered, plated window, displayed in a custom made light box.

Boreas is the god of the North Wind, and the painting shows a girl in flowing draperies buffeted by the wind as she travels through a blustery spring landscape.

Bill designed the window with a multitude of pieces to represent the flowing gown. In the photo to the right, the under layer of purple & blue glass is in place which will tone her dress. The piecework will be on top of this layer. So far, only minimal painting has been done on the face, which will require multiple kiln firings.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Recent Projects

Here are a couple of projects we completed in December.
Pet portraits are popular, and many artists and painters specialize in this genre of art. We occasionally get requests for pet portraits in stained glass, and this window was commissioned by a local client. The delightful trio of pups are relaxing in a regional landscape.

Completed just before Christmas, this 18 Light Lily Chandelier is on display in our showroom. We now have examples of all three lily chandelier fixtures on display - 7 light, 12 light and 18 light. For the 18, we decided to add a lustre glass ball into the stem for variety, and the fixture can be created with or without the ball.