Monday, July 30, 2012

22" Peony

We recently completed a new lamp for our showroom, a 22" Peony shade. The pattern for this large shade features peony flowers in full bloom which are bordered by several horizontal border rows. Rendered in lush reds and pinks against a rich amber background, the glass in this shade glows with a pleasant, warm light.

The shade is shown on the impressive Arc & Leaf base. This base can be used with most of the larger Tiffany shades and is highly detailed. In addition to over a dozen reproduction Tiffany Studios table lamp bases for this shade, we offer several floor base and chandelier options.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

16" Woodbine and New Lamp Base

We are pleased to introduce another Tiffany Studios reproduction lamp base to our offerings. The Decorated Trumpet is a versatile base that can be used with 16", 18" or 20" shades. Cast in bronze, this sturdy table base has an pleasing profile that will compliment any shape of shade.

Shown our new base is a 16" Woodbine shade which we created for our showroom. This shade design mixes geometric elements with naturalistic plant life. Woodbine shades were often created using fracture/steamer glass (also known as confetti glass). This glass gives a distinctive look to the shade, adding fullness and depth to the pattern.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

22" Nasturtium Shade

The 22" Nasturtium shade is a generously proportioned turban shaped shade that can be used as a chandelier fixture, on a floor base, or as a table lamp. We recently completed this shade for a client in Texas. The finished piece is shown on the large Turtleback base. The band of green turtleback tiles is illuminated from within the base.This large bronze reproduction Tiffany base is made at Century Studios.

Taking our color cues from an original Tiffany Studios example that was sold at auction last year, this shade has muted greens and a mix of flower colors. The background glass is a mottled, blue tone with green and pink/red running through it. The green rippled borders add texture to the shade. The overall effect of the shade is a harmonious blend of colors.

To the left, Irwin is seen transferring the foiled pieces onto the form. The pieces are held in position with our house-made tacky wax in preparation for soldering the shade.

Monday, July 2, 2012


A local client recently commissioned two Skylights for their cabin/lake home renovation. Each of the skylights consist of nine individual panels which are set into a wooden framework. The smaller of the two illumates a stairway landing, while the larger is located in a bathroom.

To add sparkle and additional color to the panels, each is adorned with pressed glass faceted "jewels". The center panel of the large skylight has a dragonfly floating gently amongst the leaves, while the small skylight features a ruby throated hummingbird.