Monday, February 27, 2012

22" Dragonfly

We have been working on several projects over the last couple weeks including a 22" Dragonfly shade. Irwin did the glass layout while Bill was busy drawing window patterns for upcoming projects.

Once all the glass was cut and fit, Irwin got down to foiling the dragonfly shade. Once all the foiling was complete, the pieces were transferred onto the form and soldering began. Soldering and finishing will continue and should take up most of Irwin's time this week.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

10" Geometric & 22" Curtain Border

We recently completed a couple of geometric lamps for out of town clients.

The first was a 10" Geometric for a client in Kentucky. This shade was created from a two tone, mottled green Circa 1900 glass. It is shown here on the Lustre Ball Base, which is a perfect compliment to this petite shade.

The next shade we finished up was a much larger 22" Curtain Border. Commissioned by a client in Idaho, this Tiffany pattern is a smaller version of the 24" Curtain Border. Tiffany Studios would often create shades at different sizes for maximum versatility. This 22" shade can be used as a table lamp, on a Jr. Floor base or as a chandelier fixture.
In the photos above, Bill is seen foiling the shade and Irwin is pictured heating the shade so it can be taken off the form and completed.

Created in warm amber tones mixed with oranges, this welcoming shade was ordered as a floor lamp. The shade tops the Tree Trunk Jr. Floor Base.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Limited Edition Dragonfly Vase #14


Century Studios is pleased to announce the next in our exclusive series of limited edition dragonfly pots, created annually by Ephraim Faience Pottery. This vase is the 14th in our ongoing series, and is approximately 5.75” tall and 4.75” wide. The vase is glazed in Algae, and features two yellow dragonflies with three dimensional curling tails. This is a signed, numbered, limited edition vase that bears the Ephraim Faience Pottery hallmark as well as the Century Studios logo signifying that it is an exclusive piece for our studio.

Century Studios is offering this rare piece of Ephraim Pottery to our clients on a pre-order basis. No more than 50 pieces will be made! The exact number of pieces to be created in this pattern will be determined by how many vases are ordered in advance. We are limiting quantities to one per client.

To pre-order this piece for your collection, contact us by FRIDAY MARCH 16, 2012. All pre-ordered pieces must be prepaid in full. Once your payment has been received, a confirming receipt will be sent in the mail. Production time for this issue will be approximately 8 - 9 weeks and should arrive at Century Studios by late May 2012. We will then either ship the piece to you or contact you for pickup.

Century Studios

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Boreas Window Completed

This past week we completed the Boreas Window. While we have created many elaborate, multi-layered windows for clients recently, it has been quite a while since we had one on display in the showroom.
As we mentioned on our blog posting from January 16, 2012, Bill cut and fit the window while Irwin worked on several lamp orders. The photo above shows the pieces laid out, ready for foiling and final assembly. For this style of window, we will employ two or three layers of glass to create the finished window. The additional layers add color tone and create depth in the final window. On the left side is the main window without the additional layers. The image on the right shows all three layers stacked together.

Once the main layer of the window was soldered together, the additional piecework was added to the front and back of the window. Bill is shown soldering on the back of the window before the plated layer can be added.

The face and arm were hand painted and kiln fired. A second layer of glass was added behind the painted pieces to give the skin depth and additional color.

The Boreas Window measures 2' x 3' and is being put into a light box to hang on the wall, and is available for purchase in our showroom.