Friday, January 29, 2010

Old House Journal

Century Studios is included in an article on contemporary lighting artisans in the February 2010 issue of Old House Journal. Along with an overview of our work, two lamps are pictured. Copies of the magazine are available now at your local news stand/bookseller.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 Limited Edition Dragonfly Vase

We are currently in production with Ephraim Faience Pottery on the Artist's Proof for our 2010 Limited Edition Dragonfly Vase. Now in our 11th edition, our Limited Edition Dragonfly Vases are signed/numbered by EFP, and feature our Century Studios' hallmark on the bottom of each vase.

The AP should be completed in a few weeks, at which time we will be sending out a mailing to announce the pre-order for this year's edition. The limitation for this year's piece will be determined by how many pre-orders we receive, but there will be a maximum of 50 signed, numbered pieces created. If you want to be sure to receive the mailing for this unique piece, please email us at with your current mailing address.

We still have a couple of our 2009 edition vases available in our showroom (pictured below). All editions previous to 2009 are completely sold out. If you would like to purchase one of the remaining vases from the 2009 edition at the original price of $238.00 (plus shipping), please call us at 651-699-4838.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

16" Woodbine

Recently completed, the 16" Woodbine is a Tiffany Studios' shade pattern that combines naturalistic and geometric elements. Shown (to the left) on a Pottery - Kendrick Base, this shade can be used with many different bases and is currently available for purchase in our showroom.

Also known as a Virginia Creeper, the lush green foliage of this climbing vine turns deep burgundy and red in the fall, making it a highly decorative plant. The plant will adhere to masonry and wood without damaging the surfaces and can reach heights of over 60 feet.

The 16" Woodbine continues to be a popular shade design because it masterfully combines floral and geometric elements into an almost abstract pattern. Because of this, the shade becomes more about the glass and less about its representational elements. You can see the leaf patterns, but they become impressionistic through the skillful use of glass. The foliage in this shade appears to just be beginning to change color for fall with rich cranberry reds, oranges and lush greens dotting the surface of the shade.

In this shade, we are once again featuring the new Circa 1900 glass (see our posting from September 22, 2009). The background for this shade was created from an unusual Circa glass that has a mottled, woody color tone with a greenish tint which is highlighted with streaks of brown and purple.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

25" Rose Bush

Things always get hectic around the holidays at the studio, and this past Holiday season was no exception. Completed just in time for Christmas, this 25" Rose Bush chandelier fixture was commissioned by a couple from the Boston area. The completed shade is installed as an inverted chandelier in their dining room. Inverted chandelier fixtures provide fill light in a room, bouncing the light off the ceiling.

The roses in this design are depicted in full bloom and have the look of a beautiful summer day. The clients requested blended color tones with strong pinks in the flowers. "Blended color tones" means that when we select the colors for the shade, we pick glass that has overlapping colors - greens with pink running through (leaves), pinks with a hint of green and yellow (flowers), amber with green and pink accents (background). The resulting color scheme has a fullness that is balanced and lush.

The 25" Rose Bush shade also makes an impressive chandelier when hung "right side up", as shown to the right. When suspended in this way, the shade is positioned closer to the table top and the light is directed down onto the table.

Upon receiving and installing the chandelier in time for Christmas, the client wrote, "It is quite striking and definitely the focal point of our first floor. You do amazing work. If we ever decide to sell this house in the years to come, it will definitely be an exclusion."