Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Closed for the Holidays

Century Studios is closed for the Holidays
We will resume regular business hours
on Tuesday January 5th

Monday, December 21, 2015

2015 Year End

At Century Studios, we are in our 2015 year end home stretch. 

We will be open Tuesday December 22 & Wednesday December 23 from 10 - 5:30. 

We will be closed Thursday December 24th through
Monday January 3.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

New Shade Design: 10" Poinsettia

We are pleased to introduce a new Century Studios original shade design, a 10" Poinsettia. This petite shade was designed by Bill Campbell and shows one complete poinsettia flower. The shade features a variety of red glasses set against lively shots of blue and purple. This shade is shown on the Ruffle base and is now in the collection of a Chicago area client.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lamp of the Week: 28" Poinsettia

Considered a decorative holiday plant, poinsettias are flowering perennial shrubs native to Mexico, where they can grow to ten feet tall in natural settings. The talented designers at Tiffany Studios created a wide variety of sizes and styles of poinsettia shades.

The 28" Poinsettia shade is the largest poinsettia shade we offer. This generously proportioned shade has a non repeating pattern and is the perfect showcase for a variety of rich red glasses. This naturalistic shade was originally designed as a chandelier cone, but can also be used as a large table lamp or on a Junior Floor base. This example was commissioned in 2009 by a Midwest client.

Century Studios will be open regular business hours now through Wednesday, December 23
we will be closed December 24
January 4
we will resume regular business hours on Tuesday January 5 


Sunday, December 13, 2015

36" Pond Lily, Part 1

At this time of year, are always working to finish up projects for our clients and are looking forward towards the new year. We just completed all of our commissions which were ordered for Christmas, such as the 7" Geometric and the 16" Geometric W/Triangles shades shown on the light table.

Also shown on the light table is the layout for a new shade design for our studio, a 36" Pond Lily shade. When completed, this will be the largest reproduction Tiffany Studios lamp design we offer. By comparison, the 7" Geometric shade is the smallest shade pattern we make.

We have been preparing to create the 36" Pond Lily for close to a year - searching out glasses, having special lamp parts created, and generally discussing the construction and layout for the shade. This is not a design to rush into, as it takes some plotting and planning to help the construction run smoothly.

To bring the pattern alive, a variety of blue, purple, and green glasses were blended together for the water portion of the shade. The combination of smooth and rippled glasses will give the effect of breezes ruffling the surface of the pond. Lily pads and water lilies dot the surface of the shade, and much care was taken to select interesting glasses for the water plants. Once Irwin completed the glass selection for the shade, Bill began the foiling (while Irwin was soldering the geometric shades).

The foiling completed, the form was waxes with our special, house made "tacky wax". This beeswax concoction allows us to hold the foiled pieces of glass onto the form for soldering. Once transferred, the process of soldering the shade was begun, and is continuing at this time! As you can see in the photo below, this is a shade that cannot be completed in a hurry. We will show the rest of the process and completed shade in a future post.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lamp of the Week: 16" Poinsettia

We made this 16" Poinsettia shade was in 2004 and it is now in a private collection. At Century Studios, we offer five poinsettia shades in sizes ranging from 10" to 28".

Sunday, December 6, 2015

20" Acorn

Large geometric shades are always impressive, and perfectly combine simplicity and detail without the lushness of their floral counterparts. The 20" Acorn shade is a perfect example of how a large shade can be entrancing, yet remain simple and elegant.

Commissioned by a local client, this 20" Acorn is cut from a beautiful deep green mottled glass. The decorative band of yellow acorns playfully accent the green background. The shade is shown on the Budding Urn Pottery base.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Lamp of the Week: 16" Jeweled Feather

The 16" Jeweled Feather is a hybrid Tiffany Studios shade design. While geometric in appearance, it is actually an abstract peacock feather design. The double band of jewels at the top give the shade an unexpected three dimensional quality. Created in warm greens and soft cream with green/amber accents, this shade has a calming quality. This shade can be used with a wide variety of bases and is shown on the elegant Budding Urn Pottery base. This lamp is currently available for purchase in our showroom.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

17" Bat - 6 Bat Variation

The 17" Bat - 6 Bat Variation shade features a cluster of six bats flying against the night sky.  The wings of the bats overlap, and the bodies are accentuated by cast bronze overlays.

This shade is a variation on the 3 Bat lamp. Tiffany Studios created this variation by placing three additional bat bodies into the triangular sky portions at the lower half of the 3 Bat shade. When viewed from above, the wing tips of the additional bats are intertwined in a kaleidoscopic effect.. Due to the extra bats, the two stars which appear on the 3 Bat shade are not present in this shade.

The shade is shown on the Dragonfly Stemmed Mosaic base.  This lamp was commissioned by a client in North Carolina.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Chain Mail Lantern

Tiffany Studios used chain mail on many different fixtures, lamp shades and wall sconces, and we can understand why. Chain mail gives a fixture a totally unique look that is light and airy, colorful, has movement, and is three dimensional. You can look through the woven apron of glass and metal.

The Chain Mail Lantern is 6" wide by 12" tall (from the top of loop to bottom of chain mail). We have made this fixture to be 33" total length, and that dimension is adjustable. Intended as a ceiling light, this fixture can also be used as a wall sconce. This fixture is currently available for purchase in our showroom.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lamp of the Week: 18" Geometric Turban

Commissioned by a California client in 2013, this 18" Geometric Turban shade was created using a warm honey/amber colored glass. The shade is perfectly matched with our Artichoke Pottery base.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

12" Dogwood

This light and airy 12" Dogwood shade was commissioned by a client in Texas. The fresh colors in the flowers and leaves are enhanced by the light fracture/streamer glass used for the sky. The shade is shown on the distinctive Chinese base.


Sunday, November 8, 2015

16" Fish

The 16" Fish shade is one of our favorite Tiffany lamp designs. The rich glass colors of this underwater scene gives the viewer an impression of gazing down into a Koi pond. This shade is shown on the Pond Lily - Blown Glass and Bronze base, which is made at our studio. The lamp was commissioned by an out of state client.

In this photo, the color selection for the water and plants has been completed. The Koi still need to be added to complete the composition. On the finished shade, the fins and tails of the fish are accentuated by the the etched metal filigree, giving the shade a distinctly Oriental feel.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lamp of the Week: 14" Chestnut

The 14" Chestnut is an original Century Studios shade pattern which was designed by Bill Campbell in 2011. Created in a variety of green, pink, and light blue tones, the large leaves and flowers flow across the surface of the shade. The shade is shown on the Shell Urn base and this lamp is currently available for purchase in our showroom.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

22" Double Poinsettia

Tiffany Studios created Poinsettia shades in 14", 16", 18", 22", 26", and 28" sizes. The popularity of this floral motif can be attributed to the exuberance of the flowers and the popularity of red glass in stained glass lamps.

The 22" Double Poinsettia shade combines large expressive flowers held in check within a formalized trellis. For this shade, we used a variety of light and deep toned reds tinged with blues, purples, and yellows to give the flowers a fanciful, sun dappled appearance. The light blue background glass at the top of the shade deepens to purple and amber. Unifying these colors is the multicolored trellis glass with its hints of blue, amber, and green.

Created as a showroom piece, this shade can be used as a large table lamp, a junior floor lamp, or as a chandelier. We are showing the shade on the Perforated base and the Artichoke Trumpet base. This piece is currently available for purchase in our showroom.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lamp of the Week: 22" Elaborate Peony

The 22" Elaborate Peony is a highly detailed Tiffany shade pattern. Due to the movement complexity of the piecework, this pattern is often referred to as the Windswept Peony. Created in 2005, this richly colored shade is shown on the solid Tree Trunk base. The lamp was made as a showroom piece and now resides in a private collection in Florida.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

17" Bat

The 17" Bat shade features three bats flying against a cloudless, starry sky.  The wings of the bats overlap, and the bodies are accentuated by cast bronze overlays. The sunset colored sky is dotted with the first two stars of the evening.

This is an unusual shade design, and only four original Tiffany Studios examples have surfaced over the years, a number Century Studios exceeded a while ago.

In the photo at the top of the post, the shade is shown on the Mushroom base. The other photos show the shade on the Dragonfly Stemmed Mosaic base.  This shade is currently available for purchase in our showroom.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lamp of the Week: 22" Maple Leaf

Created in 2012, the 22" Maple Leaf is a Century Studios' original shade design. The shade showcases the glories of fall in the Upper Midwest when the leaves brilliantly change colors. Pictured on the Twisted Vine base, this shade is now in a private collection.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

15" Spider

The 15" Spider lamp is a Tiffany design that often elicits a strong reaction from viewers. The shade, especially when created in deep brooding colors, creates an evocative mood.  The cast bronze spider sits atop the shade, eerily resting atop its web, waiting for the unwary to approach.

Commissioned by a client in North Carolina, this shade is packed with colorful emotion. The deep red of the lower portion of the shade lightens towards the top, enhancing the grip of the spider on the shade. The shade is shown on the beautifully detailed Mushroom base.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Window of the Week: Pia De' Tolomei

We created this 3' x 5' stained glass window in 1991, inspired by an 1868 painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti entitled Pia De' Tolomei. The image, of a woman imprisoned by her husband, was modeled by Jane Morris - who was having an affair with the artist at the time. This may have been Rossetti's statement on the situation! An exuberantly colored window, this piece features a wealth of detail and multiple plated layers of glass. We created this window for our home and it remains in our private collection.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

22" Turtleback Chandelier

At Century Studios, we create turtleback shades in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Commissioned by a local client, this 22" Turtleback Chandelier has been installed as a dining room fixture. The turtleback tiles were made for our studio in an unusual white glass that has a very light amber glow when illuminated. Irwin cuts each tile and facets the back by hand so no two look exactly alike. The geometric background shifts from a rich amber to a lighter tone, and the shade is finished with a deep metal rim. The three chain fixture was created at our studio.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lamp of the Week: 16" Dragonfly

The 16" Dragonfly is one of our most popular shade patterns. This design can be created in virtually any coloration and can be used with over to 40 different lamp bases. The piece shown was commissioned in 2007 and is made from "Circa 1900" glass from the Youghiogheny glass foundry in Pennsylvania. Hovering above a green backdrop, the dragonflies with their piercing red eyes are a focal point of the shade. The shade is shown on the telescoping Lion's Foot base.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

New Lily Fixture and Wally Birds

This past weekend we introduced a new 8 Light Lily Chandelier at the arts & crafts show. Our new fixture would be appropriate for a dining area or large entryway. The fixture can be made to various lengths with the addition of more chain.

A new flock of Wally Birds has arrived from the talented potters at Bur Oak Pottery. The six new pieces include (from left to right): White Owl, Leopold, Crooked, Beatnik, Plotting, and Thoughtful White Owl.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lamp of the Week - 10" Pony Wisteria

One of Tiffany Studios signature lamp designs is the Wisteria, which was made in several sizes and shapes. The 10" Pony Wisteria is the smallest member of this family of lamps. Starting at the top of the shade with a cast bronze crown, the cascading flowers intermingle with leaves and branch work, ending in an irregular lower border. For this lamp, we blended subtle white and lavender tones with bolder blues and greens to create a rich color pallet. This gnarled Tree Trunk base was designed specifically for this shade. Created as a showroom piece, this lamp is currently available at our studio.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

2015 Arts & Crafts Show

Our booth is set for the 16th Annual Arts & Crafts Show at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. The show is held in the Progress Center Saturday Sept 26 from 9:00 - 5:00, and on Sunday from 11:00 - 4:00.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

16" Snowball

At Century Studios, we occasionally get asked to create a pair of shades that will be displayed in the same space. Commissioned by a client in Michigan, we recently completed a pair of 16" Snowball shades which will be installed as chandelier fixtures, hanging at different levels in a stairwell.

Snowball shades are a perfect choice for chandelier fixtures due to their depth and irregular lower edges. For this pair, we used a variety of mottled, streaky and textured glasses. The medium blue sky at the top of the shade blends into off whites, green, and rose tones to give the shades a natural color theme. The shade is shown on our new Artichoke Trumpet base.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Lamp of the Week: 18" Oriental Poppy

The 18" Oriental Poppy shade is a wonderfully detailed pattern featuring exotic poppies in full bloom. Commissioned by a local client in July 2014, this richly colored shade showcases a variety of red and red/orange flowers against a lush backdrop of greens and blues. The background is a lively mix of blues which deepens to midnight blue and purple at the lower part of the shade. The shade is shown on the stately Library base.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Lamp Base

We are pleased to introduce a new Tiffany reproduction lamp base to our offerings. The Artichoke Trumpet is a tall, elegant lamp base that will work with shades ranging from 16" to 24". Cast in bronze using molds taken from an original Tiffany Studios example, this versatile base is made at our studio.

September is always a busy month at Century Studios as we prepare for the upcoming 16th Annual Arts & Crafts Show and Sale. Century Studios will be exhibiting at the show which runs September 26 & 27 in the Progress Center on the grounds of the Minnesota State Fair. Look for our booth at the show!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lamp of the Week: 25" Rose Bush

Covered in large, fully mature blooming roses, the 25" Rose Bush shade is a generously proportioned Tiffany lamp. Using a subtle selection of lush greens and fresh pinks, this commissioned shade was installed as a chandelier fixture by a Boston client in 2009. The unusual "helmet" shape of the shade lends itself to chandelier fixtures, large table lamps, and floor lamps.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

10" Pansy

Pansy flowers come in a plethora of colors, lending color to garden borders and planters as they bloom throughout the summer. This 10" Pansy shade is an original Century Studios lamp design which was inspired by Tiffany Studios 16" Pansy shade. We created this compact accent lamp using a blended color palette of blues, purples, light peachy-yellows, and greens. The shade is shown on the Ruffle base. This lamp is currently available for purchase in our showroom.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lamp of the Week: 20" Black Eyed Susan

Lamp of the Week: 20" Black Eyed Susan - Created for our showroom in 2002, this lamp features Black Eyed Susan flowers in the height of their summer bloom. The glass for this shade was created by the Lins Glass Foundry. The shade is shown on the popular Twisted Vine base and is in a local collection.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

25" Mandarin Lotus Lamp, Part 2

Soldering on a 25" Mandarin Lotus shade takes quite a bit of time and patience. Due to the accordion pleat surface of the shade and the fact that 800 degree molten solder runs downhill, the shade must be constantly repositioned to ensure a proper bead line.

This shade has hand applied wires on the peak of every fold to accentuate the three dimensional aspect of the design. The shade is being removed from the form so that the soldering can be completed on the underside of the lamp. The undulating irregular lower edge is finished with a half round copper wire.

The completed shade was mated with the Mandarin Lotus base (or Ribbed Lotus base), which was specifically designed for this shade by Tiffany Studios. We create the base at Century Studios using molds taken from an original Tiffany example. An overhead photo of the completed shade can be seen at the top of the post.