Sunday, March 25, 2012

Studio Tour

This past Thursday, Century Studios hosted a local women's antiques group with a tour of our studio. The late morning tour lasted about an hour, with many questions and lively comments from the group.
We have several projects in progress, and demonstrated how we construct our lamps and windows.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

28" Trumpet Vine Shade Completed

We completed the 28" Trumpet Vine shade late last week. The glass used to create this shade has an explosion of color and variety. Ring mottled, streaky, fracture and rippled glass make the shade exciting to view from every angle. The glass used for the background of the shade is made from three different fracture/streamer glasses created at our studio, and the color shifts from deep purple to several lighter blue/purple mixes. The shade also has a decorative beaded border, which is commonly found on the 28" cone shades. In the photo to the right, Irwin is seen attaching the beaded lower edge.

We are showing the shade on the impressive Turtleback base. Created at our studio using molds taken from an original Tiffany example, the Turtleback base features a row of pressed glass turtleback tiles which are illuminated from within the base. Tiffany Studios intended the 28" cone shaped shades to be used as chandelier fixtures, but they were also used on floor bases and as very large table lamps. Our Illinois client will be using the shade on a large table base.

Monday, March 12, 2012

28" Trumpet Vine Shade

One of the more colorful climbing vines Tiffany Studios chose to immortalize in windows and on lamp shades is the Trumpet Vine, or Trumpet Creeper. We offer an 18" and a 22" version of this shade, and are pleased to be introducing the 28" Trumpet Vine cone shade.

The plant is a natural choice for stained glass shades since the flowers come in a variety of colors including red, orange, red-orange, gold, and bright yellow. The plant has large, pendant flower clusters and distinctively shaped foliage. This semi-woody vine grows quickly and aggressively along supports such as arbors, fences and trellises. The long trumpet shaped flowers produce copious amounts of nectar which attracts hummingbirds and bees.

We have completed the layout, cutting, fitting and foiling on the 28" cone, and Irwin will begin soldering the shade this week. The photo to the left shows a preview closeup of the shade, laid out on our light table. The distinctive fracture/streamer glass used in the shade was created at our studio. We will show more of this shade once it is completed.

Monday, March 5, 2012

22" Dragonfly

Last week, we completed the 22" Dragonfly shade. The shade is shown on the large Turtleback base. Purchased by a local client, this shade is being used as a floor lamp.

Irwin spent over a week soldering on the shade. Shades with irregular lower edges take special reinforcing, and Irwin is shown attaching the flexible copper rim around the bottom of the shade. Once tacked into place, the rim is completely soldered and then the dragonfly wing filigrees are fit and attached.

The multi-colored pressed glass jewels which adorn this shade were created by Century Studios using molds taken off original Tiffany Studios jewels. A small amount of molten glass is taken from the furnace and placed into the bronze jewel mold. In the photo at the left, Irwin is using a hand press to force the molten glass into the mold. The pressed glass is then put into an annealing oven to cool down over night. Each color of jewel has to be created from separate batches of glass. To achieve the variety of colors in our stock of jewels took many months of work.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 Limited Edition Dragonfly Vase

There are just two weeks left to place your order for our 2012 Limited Edition Ephraim Vase

Century Studios is pleased to announce the next in our exclusive series of limited edition dragonfly pots, created annually by Ephraim Faience Pottery. This vase is the 14th in our ongoing series, and is approximately 5.75” tall and 4.75” wide. The vase is glazed in Algae, and features two yellow dragonflies with three dimensional curling tails. This is a signed, numbered, limited edition vase that bears the Ephraim Faience Pottery hallmark as well as the Century Studios logo signifying that it is an exclusive piece for our studio.

Century Studios is offering this rare piece of Ephraim Pottery to our clients on a pre-order basis. No more than 50 pieces will be made! The exact number of pieces to be created in this pattern will be determined by how many vases are ordered in advance. We are limiting quantities to one per client.

To pre-order this piece for your collection, contact us by FRIDAY MARCH 16, 2012. All pre-ordered pieces must be prepaid in full. Once your payment has been received, a confirming receipt will be sent in the mail. Production time for this issue will be approximately 8 - 9 weeks and should arrive at Century Studios by late May 2012. We will then either ship the piece to you or contact you for pickup.

Century Studios