Thursday, October 13, 2016

Lamp of the Week: 18" Flowering Lotus

The 18" Flowering Lotus is one of the most complex lamps designed by Tiffany Studios. This lit sculpture begins at the table with bronze lily pads moving upwards into sculpted leaves and buds. Ten flower stems ascend inside the shade, each curving back downward and ending in a light. Glass stems cascade from the top of the shade, cascading down the sides and ending in buds and open flowers. The outward curve of the shade is accentuated by the irregular lower edge of flowers.

Here are two examples of 18" Flowering Lotus lamps created by Century Studios. The lamp pictured above was commissioned by a local client in the late 90's. The second example was made at our studio in the late 80's as a showroom piece and was featured in our brochure. Our brochure was replaced by our web site and has long been out of print.

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